Second Mortgages Loans

Second mortgage loans allow you to borrow significant amounts against the equity of your first home and offer low-interest rates and potential tax benefits.

Who says you can’t access low mortgage rates when you make your second big purchase?

Since second mortgages are an additional mortgage against the equity of your pre-owned property,lenders consider them risky - as they are second in order of priority in case of default.

Majorly used for home renovation or debt consolidation, these loans also alarms borrowers about the limited choice of lenders, little loan-to-value ratio (60% to 80%) and repayment of two loans. In some cases, borrowers are eligible for mortgage interest deductions on the interest paid for second mortgages.

“We take the time and hassle out of shopping around for the right home loan, provide expert advice and take care of the entire process, from start to finish. ”
Kaushalya GunasekeraMortgagepremiers CEO

Truth be told, without a well-to-do mortgage broker your side, you can be tangled into the muddy waters of a second mortgage, further leading to despair and frustration. With Mortgage Premiers in the picture, things ought to become a lot less intimidating. We commit to :

Self-employed entrepreneurs
Clients who are new to Australia
Clients with bruised credit history
Clients thinking about refinancing
Quick responses on rush-deals