Got queries for your loans and repayments?

Buying a house is likely to be one of the biggest financial decisions you make. Asking the tough questions – and even the easy questions that seem obvious – is what’s going to help you make your strongest investment. Getting your questions answered from a knowledgeable lender can make you a more confident and capable buyer.


I want to switchover my lender. Can I switch whenever I want?

Certainly, yes! With Mortgage Premiers you got all the ease and suppleness to switch to a new lender of your choice anytime. The process of switching is, however, tedious and might give you an undesired headache. The paperwork, approvals and the wait involved is more of an uphill struggle. Varying interest rates are yet another concern.

Mortgage Premiers makes switching lender a hassle-free experience. Our experts will spell out the choices before you, so you select the best lender for your home loans.

I am stressed about the ever-changing interest rate. What will be the interest rates like?

Interest rates usually differ from lender to lender. But thanks to our close tie with reputed lenders, we can negotiate the best rates for our customers like you. We also work closely with the second-tier lenders who charge lower interest rates. Don’t bother yourself with the varying rate of interest though, we ensure you crack the best deal, when it comes to interest rates across all loan types.

How Mortgage Premiers is more helpful to me than directly going to banks?

Good Question! 

We’re a highly customer-centric business and have built a strong network and reputation with the biggest industry leaders over the years. As you understand how time-consuming this process is, leveraging our direct contact with fifty lenders on the market, we run a race against time on your behalf to find the most suitable recommendations as well as logically devised lending options.

What’s more? You can trust us to do all the heavy lifting for you to save you from mind-numbing processes of going through the market insight of the interest rates, live industry data, and other resources. After finding the best loan options through comparative analysis, our experts spell out their terms and conditions which you clearly can’t expect from a bank. 

How much brokerage fees will be charged?

Kick back, relax! Our objective is to off burden our customers as much as possible. Our quick and easy to avail mortgage services doesn’t come with any hidden charges. We are here to offer you more comfort and take off against the wind even when everything seems against your favour – with zero costs.

Why should we trust you to get recommendations for suitable loan plans?

Well, we work with a simple idea that you receive the best advice from our experts as well as suitable loans from trusted lenders. If anything, the trust of our customers and our continued business growth speak volumes about our reputation in the market. Besides, since 2010, a series of regulations protects the customer from any fraudulent deal or unsuitable loans for the financial gain of the mortgage brokers. So, you are protected!

Is Mortgage Premiers owned by any bank or financial institution?

No, Mortgage Premiers is an independent mortgage broking company based in Melbourne. We only offer recommendations for the best lenders and suitable loans to the customers through our well-established network of lenders across the country.

I am not from the Victoria, am I still eligible to choose as my mortgage broker?

Without doubt! 

With our no-fuss process, we have been catering our customers with the finest lending options across Australia – right into the cities and remote locations. 


The operational processes are what drives the business

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Are there any advantages of buying a display home? How can you help me purchase display home?

Because builders use display homes to showcase the best of what they can offer their customers, they’re typically kitted out with premium fittings and fixtures that you may not have been able to afford if you opted to build.

 There are a few advantages of display homes listed here for you:

  • Great property for investment purposes
  • Built to the highest standards
  • Carefully maintained landscaping
  • Guaranteed to be rented for a specific period
  • Tax depreciation is excellent

However, one thing to be mindful of is that loans for display homes are different due to their leaseback options and their stringent rules and regulations. So, there are advantages, but a lot must be considered as well before buying them. Fret not, we are here to help you. Get in touch with us today.

I’m planning to own an investment property, are there any viable options to explore?

Investment property is a tricky deal to crack most of the times. There is no one size fits all approach. So even before you give it a thought, begin with your finance check and a detailed assessment of how much amount you can borrow. At Mortgage Premiers, our key objective to assess your risk appetite and then form an overall strategy. As we do the ground work and would require you to consider varying investment options for us to create workable loan options.

Can equity be used to buy a property?

In fact, yes, equity presents an opportunity for the owner-occupiers to branch out and buy another property alternatively as well. You can buy a holiday house or can invest in the property portfolio with equity. With our experts’ assistance, you can maximise your existing equity and invest in other properties. There are a few rules and regulations to consider before using equity to buy property, but with us by your side, you keep the stress aside.

I want use the First Homeowners Grant as deposit. Can I do it?

Of course yes! It is possible to use the first homeowner grant as a deposit for your first property. The grant can be considered as a part of your savings and there are different eligibility conditions for available grants and initiatives for the first-time home buyers in Australia. Our FHOB grant specialist will work out the all the possible options to help you get the maximise grants for your properties to buy your first home.

I have a bad credit history. It is a cause of worry?

Technically yes, but there are a lot more conditions to factor in before jumping on the conclusion. Some specialist lenders can offer you a loan guarantee at special rates but before you dig a hole for yourself, consider talking to a loan specialist with gives you a clear picture of your finances and help you reshape your credit history for any future rejections.

I want to know the minimum deposit required to buy a property.

There isn’t a predetermined deposit amount and it switches based on borrowers financial situation and the lenders evaluation of borrowing limits. As per the home loan conditions, you would, however, have to pay high mortgage insurance with a lower deposit – and other conditions will follow.

I would like to seek more information on debt consolidation and its advantages?

Through debt consolidation, you can merge various debts into one – ending up paying less interest and fees when bundled up! Your debts are good as mortgage. Since property loans generally have a lower interest rate, consolidation can save a lot on your repayments – it’s a clinch.

With the right strategy and implementation with the help of our experts, you can easily navigate through various options available for debt consolidation. Our specialist mortgage brokers ascertain your finances and chart out some solid recommendations for debt consolidation in no time.

What is a guarantor loan and how does it work?

Often first-time homebuyers fell short of the required deposit, and they prefer avoiding lenders’ mortgage insurance (LMI). A guarantor loan is a great option to beat the odds. Simply put, a guarantor loan is issued when someone agrees to be responsible for someone else’s payment of debt. In this case, the guarantor has the obligation to repay the amount in case the original customer fails to repay. However, the scenarios always differ from case to case and we advise speaking to mortgage specialists and seek more clarity on your situation. 

How soon can I refinance or change the mortgage?

Don’t switch over often – if the fees give you goosebumps! Certainly, there is no specified time to change your mortgage but the hefty fees, hassle and heaps of paperwork makes borrowers change their mind usually. Changing your mortgage can increase the repayment amount as well as the length of the loan repayment. Therefore, we recommend talking to our experts so that you get complete clarity of the options available to change your mortgage.

What is LMI (Lender's Mortgage Insurance)?

LMI is for safeguarding the lenders if the owner of the property fails to repay. If the borrower has less than 20% of the deposit, then they must pay the lender’s mortgage insurance. Though LMI is considered a liability, it has a few advantages as well like you can get possession of your property early and without saving a sizable deposit. Saving for a deposit takes years.

What do you mean by an offset account?

An offset account allows a regular transaction account linked to your loan. The key benefit of owning one is it reduces the amount of the payable interest significantly over the life of your loan. How? The balance (or proportion thereof) of an offset account is ‘offset’ against the home loan balance, and the customer will only be charged the interest on the difference. We, at Mortgage Premiers, ensure you find the best offset option and outline a strategy to save on the interest.

What is a redraw facility and how does it help?

A redraw facility on your mortgage lets you gain smart access to any additional loan payments on top of the minimum loan repayments. These additional payments are parked in your loan and ultimately lower the interest. The process is much like an offset account, though but offers extra flexibility. You can deposit money for the difficult days and potentially reduce your interest payments and loan term. Since different lenders offer different redraw options to their customers, it is best that you talk to the experts and select the redraw facility most suited for your circumstances.

What happens after the fixed-rate term ends?

Typically, after the end of your fixed-rate term, the interest rate will revert to the standard variable rate. However, this is not the case with all the loans and you can get a comprehensive understanding of things when you’ll chat with our experts at Mortgage Premiers.